‘MV Fingal’ – Alexandra Dock (opposite Tower Place)

Name/location ‘MV Fingal’ – Alexandra Dock (opposite Tower Place)
Owner/developer Britannia Trust
  • Permanent mooring of MV Fingal at Alexandra Dock
  • Conversion of the ex-lighthouse ship into a 23-room boutique hotel and function suite
  • Alcohol licence – 11am to midnight weeknights, 1am weekends
  • Public entertainment licence
Current status
  • Planning application approved 29/06/18.
  • Alcohol licence approved.
  • Public entertainment licence being considered.
  • Hotel scheduled to open Jan 2019.
Key dates
  • Consultation on public entertainment licence closes on 10 December 2018
LHNCC POSITION Broadly supported (see June 2018 minutes)
  • High quality hotel with good brand
  • Improvements to dock side and entrance to Forth Ports
  • Ship will attract visitors to Leith
  • Final mooring not where originally proposed (Prince of Wales Dock)
  • Visual impact of boat that is now very close to homes at Queens Quay
  • Visitors/guests/deliveries creating noise
  • Potential anti-social behaviour from late night visitors
Actions by LHNCC
  • Letter of objection sent 05/09/18
  • LHNCC representatives attended Licensing Board hearing 29/10/18
  • LHNCC representatives attended Licensing Board hearing on appeal
Future action Discussion on whether to support or object to the Public Entertainment Licence for fireworks
Notes There have been complaints from residents regarding noise from generators (24hrs). A resident reported that Environmental Health took noise readings on 23/11/18 which show that the noise is above the permitted levels. The CEC is considering taking action against the Fingal to ensure they reduce/eliminate the noise.
Further information Hotel website: https://www.fingal.co.uk
CEC reference/link 17/03194/FUL