Linksview House (Tolbooth Wynd, Giles Street and Coatfield Lane)

Name/location Linksview House (Tolbooth Wynd, Giles Street and Coatfield Lane)
Owner/developer CEC/Collective Architecture
Proposal Demolition of single storey and three storey blocks of flats, 25 garage lock ups and plinth area with under croft parking. Construction of 32 new flats and amenity space, communal external space with associated roads, footpaths and landscaping which includes updated public space/landscaping in the surrounding area. Alterations to be made to the base of the Grade A listed Linksview House.
Current status Awaiting assessment
Key dates Closing date for comments was 11/11/18
LHNCC POSITION Supported in principle but with reservations (see November 2018 minutes)
  • Demolition of old 60s properties. Improving general appearance and environment
  • Removal of existing trees and green space
  • Narrowing passage along Giles Street
Actions by LHNCC letter of objection sent 11/11/18
Future action
Further information no update on progress
CEC reference/link 18/08051/FUL