Commercial Quay (72 Commercial St)

Name/location Commercial Quay (72 Commercial Street)
Owner/ Agent Ophelia Investment Ltd. Guernsey
Proposal Infilling of water features at Commercial Quay and replacing with decking, as part of refurbishment of Quay Commons (92) as offices and café.
Current status
  • New Planning applications submitted and awaiting assessment
  • Applications withdrawn 8/2/21
  • New applications submitted for conversion 93 Commercial St. (Quay Commons) only 9/2/21
Key dates Closing date for response 5/2/21
LHNCC POSITION Planning group recommends objection
Benefits None
  • Infilling of water feature in conservation area and area of public amenity.
  • Decking is totally inappropriate for historic quayside and conservation area.
  • Application is confusing, inaccurate and inadequate – very poor diagrams, no design statement.
  • 72 Commercial Street is address for Café Tartine (in administration)
Actions by LHNCC Meeting of planning group 5/1/21- decision to prepare objection response and present to LHNCC meeting on 26/1/21and circulate to members and public
Future action
  • Draft letter of objection for consideration by LHNCC
  • Letters of objection sent 29/1/21
  • Tbc response to new applications
Further information Website:
CEC reference/link 20/0851/FUL, 20/05852/LBC, 21/00633/FUL, 21/00630/LBC
Case Officer Adam Thomson:

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