archived: 1–5 Baltic Street (EH6 7BR) and 7-27 Constitution St

Name/location 1–5 Baltic Street (EH6 7BR) and 7-27 Constitution St
Owner/developer Sundial Properties Ltd
Proposal Mixed use commercial and residential development of 169 flats, which includes the restoration and re-use of listed buildings as well as new build.
Current status
  • Pre-application consultation approved.
  • Development Option Appraisal submitted March 2019
  • Developer anticipates FUL application will be submitted within the next 2 months – still at discussion stage. Developer Consultation with SLW representatives 17/9 19
  • Consultation request on Material variations to applications received 28 August 2020
Key dates
  • Public Consultation: 28 November, Custom House, Commercial St. 3.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Full submissions submitted 6/2/20 – Closing date for Comments 6/3/20
LHNCC POSITION Support dependant on FUL application
  • High quality development
  • Exciting design and use of space; Makes use of existing redundant industrial buildings
  • Imaginative and sympathetic to the heritage of the site, with Hanseatic style frontage on Constitution St. that echos the industrial history
  • Communal and landscaped areas with green space are available to all residents, and to public during the day
  • The cluster style design for student accommodation provides the opportunity to maintain and renovate listing buildings that are not suitable for traditional apartments and would otherwise need to be demolished. Also HMO status being sought extending opportunity for varying use future
  • Affordable housing and small independent shops have prominent position on Constitution St.
  • Good transport links, and only disabled parking available on site with appropriate cycle storage facilities
  • Some concerns regarding constraints of having gated community and effect on public access
  • Debate about provision of affordable housing and student accommodation, application does appear to have recorded argument addressing this
  • Need for assurance that student accommodated will not be used for holiday rental.
  • Does provision of large number of bicycle storage and parking facilities increase risk of theft
Actions by LHNCC
  • Public Consultation and Planning Team prepare feedback 28 Nov. 2019
  • Planning sub-group attended and prepared response (circulated) prior to Developer Presentation 28/1/20
  • Planning sub group met 11/2/29 to discuss the 3 planning applications submitted to CEC – responses identified above
  • Letter of support and issues to be clarified sent 5/3/20
Future action Dependent on  FUL application. Recommendation to support when Issues have been addressed and clarified. As a CC we can include conditions in our response.
Notes Developer aims to start building in 2019. (circulated prior to developer presentation 28/1/20
Further information Development website:

Community consultation documents can be downloaded here

CEC reference/link 18/07468/PAN: 19/04966/PAN. NEW: 20/00463/CON. 20/00465/FUL, 20/00466/AMC
Case officer Karen Robertson: E-mail:     Tel:0131 529 3990